Janine's Photography

Yes, you guessed correctly, one of my favorite things to photograph is flowers!  You will also see an influence of the beach and ocean in my photgraphic projects.  Most of the subjects of my photography are within a short driving distance (or are whatever is growing in my backyard at the time)!

First Lily
Summer Mix

These two images, which appear to have shooting stars in the background, were taken with a squirt bottle, and two lights.  One of the lights was placed behind the subject (I LOVE backlit flowers) and a flash to the side.  As the water mist from the bottle was released, I would activate the flash.  And voila!  I confess it did take several hours in the middle of the night in an almost completely darkened room with lots of trial and error to get the amount of the mist and the angle/distance of the flash to line up just right.

Raindrops and Rose

Ahhhh, the beach.  I am totally fascinated and almost hypnotized by the patterns in the waves and sand every time I go. 

Sarah's Waves
Perfect Wave

These next four images are waves taken with long-exposure photography, with a little contrast added to enhance the colors of the water on an otherwise gray day.  Taken at Oceanside Beach, California.


I know, I know, enough of the sunset photos already!  But these are near and dear to my heart, and I am happy to share these with the world.  It always amazes me how the colors change before the sun sets, as it is setting, and after it dips below the horizon.  The changing colors of the sky and water are magical, especially at the waterfront!

Island Sunset
Oceanside Pier
Marina Sunset