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Keith has published his latest book, Balboa Park: 100 Years After the Panama-California Exposition.  This amazing collection of 100-year-old images of the 1915 Exposition and park has been re-created to show the reader a then-and-now comparison of Balboa Park.  Each set of images is accompanied by a brief history of the image as it relates to the exposition and park.  This book is a must-have for your coffee table or home library.

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Author's Notes

In 1915-1916, San Diego hosted the Panama-California Exposition in Balboa Park to celebrate the completion of the Panama Canal.  A book was published in June 1916 entitled The Architecture and the Gardens of the San Diego Exposition.  The body of the book is 70 pages of photographs accompanied by descriptions and other available historical information such as building names, locations within the park, historical relevance, and building architects.


My new book Balboa Park 100 Years After The Panama-California Exposition presents each of the photographs with a matching picture taken in the present time.  Great care has been taken to create artistic pictures that match, as closely as possible, the view of the original photographs.


While realizing the changes that have occurred over the course of a century, you may be surprised at how much has been preserved from those early days.  Thanks to ingenuity and a growing city's need for a central place to gather for leisure and socializing, Balboa Park has now become a mecca of culture, music, arts and theater.  In addition, people of all ages now enjoy the addition of science and learning exhibits, as well as the renowned Spreckels Organ Pavilion in the park's open air theatre.  Enjoy the journey across the years as we revisit the great San Diego Exposition.


Keith Schooler